San Marcos Dermatology


The clinical and administrative staff at San Marcos Dermatology in San Marcos, Texas, is focused on one thing; YOU. Don’t take our word for it. Book an appointment today, and experience the difference


San Marcos Dermatology was known as Dermatology Laser Center, established in 1987 and located in San Marcos, Texas. We have developed a distinctive philosophy for offering exceptional dermatological care, fusing aesthetics and medicine. We understand that everyone is unique. We each have different needs and desires. It is with this belief that we offer multiple lasers and state of the art equipment to ensure the very best results for all skin types. We provide the latest and most advanced technology for individuals who desire customized treatments, and high quality dermatological care. We foster an atmosphere of education, so our staff is well-informed, and readily available to answer your questions. While we focus on the health of your skin, we also strive to treat the whole person. Fro‍‍‍m our cosmetic treatments to our medical procedures, we aim to keep our patients looking great and feeling even better.