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We invite you to explore our extensive list of‍‍‍ cosmetic dermatology treatments. Free consultations with our Medspa technician are available.  If you would prefer to consult with the physician or physician assistant for a cosmetic procedure, there is a consultation fee. If you choose to proceed with a treatment, then the consultation fee is applied towards the cost of your procedure

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Vein Treatm‍‍‍ent

Laser treatment is now available for the removal of unsightly veins! Lasers selectively destroy blood vessels by employing the appropriate wavelength that that will be absorbed by oxyhemoglobin, a major component in red blood cells. This process results in targeting only the broken vessels while leaving the surrounding tissue intact.Another option that has been proven successful for treatment of spider veins on the legs is sclerotherapy. This is the ‍‍‍injection of a solution that causes the veins to collapse leaving your body to resolve the collapsed vein much like it does a bruise.


Sun Damag‍‍‍e Treatments

Just about everyone has a few brow‍‍‍n spots on their skin. Freckles, “age spots”, “liver spots,” and various birthmarks are just a few of the commonly known marks dermatologists call pigmented lesions. There are a number of ways that brown spots can be treated. These include lasers, bleaching creams, and Broad Band Light (BBL).

Sun Damag‍‍‍e Treatments




Ear Lobe Repair